About me

Why a blog?

I would like to use the blog first and foremost to place my thoughts and notes, which I have collected over the last few years, in a structured form. And if the content meets with interest, then I am all the more pleased.

About me

I am a Kurdish Rhinelander who feels very much at home in Cologne with my family. With my parents and my sister, we landed in the Rhineland from Moscow in the early 80s, in Bonn to be precise. Since then, I have remained very attached to the Rhineland. Although I have been able to visit many beautiful places, both privately and professionally.
However, family and friends, as well as the Cologne dialect, mentality and “dat Kölsch”, always bring me back to the Rhineland.

My job as an agile consultant

My agile journey began in 2011, when I gained my first agile experience as a developer in a Scrum team at T-Online. Since then, I have had the opportunity to take on various agile roles. In recent years, I have focused on supporting teams and departments in their agile growth in companies.

I really enjoy my work as a consultant because I always get to meet new people and support them in their agile change processes. This can be a large corporation from the automotive industry or a hidden champion that produces baking ovens for the food industry.

My main focus is on helping the organisation and the people to overcome their challenges and less on introducing agility or agile frameworks without reflection

To do this, I use the TAO framework I have developed and the ORGANIC agility framework established by agile42.

If you want to know about my professional context, please feel free to contact me via LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/